Jenny Orchard is a contemporary artist, living and working in Sydney. She has travelled a unique path of making figurative hybrid ceramics called Zookiniis or Interbeings, totemic forms and vessels since the early 1980’s. Her current work includes drawing, painting and collage and is preoccupied with exploring liminal states of being, and celebrating the diversity of material form.

She is currently receiving an Australian postgraduate award to write a research paper at Sydney College of the Arts on Empathy in artistic practice.

Jenny has exhibited widely, taking part in International shows and conferences including the second Jakarta Ceramics Biennale in 2014, Art from Australia at the Gail Museum in Seoul, and Uncertain Paradise at the Imazoo gallery Seoul 2015. Her work has featured in Sculptural Objects and Functional Art at Chicago and Miami, Ceramic Art from Australia at the Tao Gallery Tokyo and Sculpture by the Sea in Sydney in 2009 2010 and 2011.

This year she is exhibiting at The Manley Gallery in Sydney in OVERUNDERSIDEWAYSDOWN curated by Glen Barkley in July,
HappyUncannyValley at Maunsell wickes gallery, Sydney in August and
New Ceramics at Despard gallery in Tasmania.


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